ElPicsPrint — the software for embossing tactile graphics on Braille embossers

ElPicsPrint software is specifically designed to prepare and emboss tactile images on Braille embossers manufactured by Index Braille, ViewPlus, and Enabling Technologies. The app also allows to create tactile images for printing on microcapsule paper, taking into account its characteristics, and using the heaters, such as Swell Form and PIAF.
A tactile image is a source of information about the object drawn on the image for those who explore it with fingertips, just like a usual image in full color is such a source for a sighted user. With ElPicsPrint you will be able to prepare and emboss an image that will be clear and comfortable for using by blind customers. ElPicsPrint allows you to make a tactile illustration to any section of a textbook, to create your own illustrated books for kids of preschool and school age, to emboss an outline of a university campus and much more.

Taj Mahal Taj Mahal in dots

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